We work with the individuals that comprise the organisation to explore and enhance their core attitudes and ways of thinking in order to expand frames of reference and generic people skills thus developing levels of self knowledge, responsibility, personal mastery and constructive relationship.

This process is not conceptual. It is transformational, the outcome of which is that people begin to think, act and be in new ways which include critical and strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, systems thinking and a creative orientation to problems and challenges.

The Corporate Spirit methodology, while appearing generic, requires customisation based on an organisation’s level of maturity in engendering a culture based on a value set. The methodology, as illustrated here, invites and allows fit with current or planned change processes. These other methodologies would describe change in the context of elements such as systems and processes, technology, market forces, organisational design and people matters.

Where the Corporate Spirit methodology differs, is that it links and weaves each of these elements into a cohesive vehicle. It recognises that the organisation’s people are the common denominator through which change can be implemented and with whom the success or failure of the change process lies. The methodology leads an organisation through the:

• development of its value set
• communication, alignment and use of the values by the organisation’s staff
• embedding of the values within the organisational culture through leadership, staff and customer development and experiences
• adaptation and development of systems and processes which integrate the relationships of the people with the outcomes of the organisation.


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